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How to Help Your Local Marketing with Google+ Local Listings

Written by Ben Brewer. Posted in Blog


What is the Most Important Thing I Should Do to Market My Business?

Google+ may be at this point in time the most important part of your business's marketing plan. Getting your small business listed well in Google+ Local will almost always have an immense effect on your company's sales.


What is Google+

Google+ Local Pac for Internet Marketing, SEO, SEM, Search Engine Marketing, Social MarketingGoogle+ is a social network, much like Facebook, but it is so much more. While Facebook is certainly more popular than Google+ as a Social Network, the Google+ has a directory of Local Businesses known as Google+ Local that shows up on the search results pages of most any search phrase, regarding local products, services or businesses.


Why is Google+ Important to My Business?

Now, if you consider that Google is the search engine with by far the most users, and if you consider how most people, yourself included, shop for products today, using their phones, devices, and computers, you can't help but understand the importance of your business being listed in Google+ Local.


How Do I Get a Google+ Page?

The first thing you do is go to Google's Local Directory Google's Local Directory and enter your business name in the search box.  If your company is already listed, then you can click the "claim listing" link, which will allow you to claim the listing under your Google username and also to then log in to the listing to edit and add your business' information.

How Do I Get on the Front Page?

There are many factors that affect and control who shows up on the front page, but as with anything else, its important to walk before we can learn to fly.  So, first thing first, make sure all the information is correct and matches the information on your website EXACTLY.  Even the smallest, seemingly harmless inconsistency will affect how high you are listed among your competition.  Furthermore, this information, known as NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) must be exact anywhere you have your site listed across the internet.  To Google, and the other major search engines, this consistency is of the utmost importance, and a signal to them of your business's credibility in the marketplace among your competitors.

Will This Be Enough to Get My Business to the Top?

As with most things in life, it doesn't usually come that easy, unless you happen to have very little competition in your local industry.  The other factors that affect how your business's website ranks are:  Is your NAP displayed consistently and consistently throughout the site?  Is the website optimized for local Searches?  Is your business listed in Google Maps?  How old is your website?  These are among the key factors that affect how high your website will show up against your competitors.  Of course, Coastal Media is here to help you to navigate through the maze!

Ben Brewer
Author: Ben Brewer
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