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When a customer is ready to purchase an item or service, their search often begins at Google, Bing, or Yahoo.  While social media and email promotions can drive visitors to your store, search engines are the foremost method of finding your business online.  Search Engine Optimization is a very customized service, unique to each individual website that we, as local SEO experts, work on.  Below is an outline of the SEO services we offer so your will website appear higher on the search results pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.

  • Keyword Research

    Keyword research is focused on targeting your potential customers in their search, and possibly directing them to different areas of your site, depending on where they are in their buying timeline. Are the keywords you use in your site content also used by your audience and relevant to their search? Are you guiding them to different areas of your site that are helpful to them at the point where they are in the buying timeline? We determine the best keywords to use in on-site content and advertising.

  • Internal Linking

    Internal Links are links that point at pages on your own website to allow customers to navigate your through the site. They also allow search engines, like Google, to more easily understand what your site is about, and rank all pages on your site. It’s important that search engines in addition to customers are able to find all your content so that your pages are included in searches and rank well.

  • Analytics Setup

    Google Analytics is a powerful, world-class website analytics tool that we install on your website to track and understand how users use your site. We make certain that it’s installed correctly on all your pages, so that you can get a good sense of where traffic is coming, how they move around your site, how long they stay, and ultimately how they leave. This way, we can make informed decisions together about any changes your site may need to improve performance and profitiability.

  • Duplicate Content Check

    If you have more than one webpage on your site with the same content, search engines may see them as having duplicate content and not rank those pages well, or they may even be omitted by Google and other search engines, as a result.  We do a comprehensive duplicate content review over website, to look for any duplicate content issues and take measures with you to eliminate them.

  • URL Structure Optimization

    The technical acronym for a webpage address is known as an URL, and its structure is a known factor in how a webpage ranks in the search engines. Well-made URLs make it easy for both search engines and customers to understand your what the webpage is about. Some website Content Management Systems and Ecommerce platforms create URLs by default that are not search engine or user friendly. We fix and optimize the webpage URLs throughout your website.

  • Coding Optimization

    Websites are written in a language called HTML. The quality of your website's coding structure, greatly affects how your website will rank.  Search engines desire natural, human-readable content that’s both relevant and authoritative to the subject at hand, while also being coded properly, using tags that allow Google to understand the webpage and its contents. We take existing content and optimize it for search visibility, or even create new content based on your chosen keywords and goals.

Since most people today go either to Google or Social Media as one of the first steps to find out which local businesses they will use, your company's website and social media presence should be at the foundation of all your sales and marketing efforts.  All of our expert local SEO services for local business websites are based on a strong central focus on sound, tested and proven SEO strategies.  The search engines, like Google, Yahoo! and Bing constantly make changes to the algorithms they use to determine which sites show up on top.  We constantly stay on top of these changes, so we can make adjustments to our clients sites, when ever necessary to stay ahead of the competition.  We are located in beautiful Melbourne, Florida, but offer SEO services to companies virtually anywhere.

Are you ready to build an online presence that not only allows your customer to find you when they are ready to buy, but also gives you the credibility the customer needs to choose you, instead of your competitors?  Are you ready to not be embarrassed by your web presence?


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